Electric Traditionals – Tattoo Artist

For Tilo Hose aka Electric Traditionals I created a corporate design and logo, wich shows the main focus of his work. As a tattoo artist he wanted to show some of his work and also his love for old and morbid/spooky things. The card should reflect his name „Electric Traditionals“, wich means a combination of contemporary and old tradition look.


On the back of the card is one of Tilo´s special mandala drawings, wich has the look of an old playing card. The front is inspired by an ouija board with drops as a style element that symbolizes the tattoo color. The Logo is made out of a sharp contemporary font with a lightning to illustrate the electricity even more. As a finish the complete business card is deep embossed to show, that metaphorical tattooing gets under the skin.


Tilo Hose / Electric Traditionals